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wizShield How It Works


What is wizShield™ And Why We Created It

wizShield is a fully-automated licensing system built to protect the many hours of blood sweat and tears you’ve put into building your WordPress Plugins or Themes from theft, misuse and unauthorized access. 

We’ve spent 9 months building the future of automated product licensing and high protection… and today we’re ready to show you how seriously we take this security issue. We should let you know that we outright REFUSED to sell another plugin or theme until the wizShield licensing system was complete!

Although we may have been losing sales by not offering our newest theme to public, the revenue we would have lost — if someone had pirated and distributed the theme for free — would have been huge!

Think about this: Why would people pay for your product when they can download it for FREE?



Try For Free, Choose a Plan Later!


  • 1-Click Code Protection – Custom-built security algorithm that safely and instantly fully-encrypts your product’s code in 3 different protection levels. It works as simple as 1-2-3.

 Update:  Zend Encoder is also fully-integrated with wizShield.

  • Limit Multi-Domain Usage - Prevent thieves that purchase and share your products with their friends, in forums and file sharing sites. Set it to allow only one domain for a specific key (or as many as you want).
  • Create multi-license deals - Protect and sell the same product in multiple license deals with a few clicks. For example you can sell 1 domain, 5 domain and unlimited domain license packages and squeeze more products for more profits
  • Setup FREE TRIAL copies in seconds - Want to create free trial copies without touching your code or paying a programmer? Simply enable “Key Expiration” feature and set keys to expire after X days (perfect for trial and review copies)!
  • Know exactly who installed what and where. – Instantly preview who accessed what and when and monitor monitor the use of your products on every single domain. Revoke access of a specific domain or entire key, anytime!

Code BEFORE wizShield (Exposed)


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Code AFTER wizShield (Protected)


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Key Validation Screen


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Plus Automate Everything Including…

  • Automatic key distribution – Integrate your payment gateway to automatically e-mail the unique license keys to your customers, just seconds after they order.
  • Automatic disablement upon refund -If a customer requests a refund or does not make good on their payment, your payment gateway will notify wizShield via the IPN integration and simply “disable” their license key
  • Automatic On-Screen & Email Upselling  -wizShield detects key overusage and sends an email to your client on your behalf to purchase additional licenses so you can make more money.  HOT 
  • Suspicious Activity Reports – Offering developer’s license but afraid of overuse? Get notified via email instantly for every suspicious activity from every product.
  • Hands-Free Lost Key Retrieval system – Customers emailing you for lost license keys? Our automated hands-free system does that for you and reissues the licenses on your behalf.




Try For Free, Choose a Plan Later!

Try For Free, Choose a Plan Later!


Common Questions Answered (FAQ)

Is this a plugin? What does SaaS mean?

No, this is NOT a WordPress plugin.  This is Software as a Service (SaaS) and everything is run from wizshield.com.  There is nothing for you to install or update, you just log into your account on wizshield.com.

How soon will I be able to protect other formats?

The next format available to protect and license will be PDF’s and will be available in 12 – 16 weeks.

Can I import customers from a plugin I am already selling?

Yes.  We have a bulk import feature that allows you to import all existing users of a product.

Do I have to host my files with you?

We don’t host your files.  You just upload the unprotected version and our algorithm will patch it and give it to you back to distribute as usual, from your sites.

How do you protect our files?

We offer 3 levels of protection.  Level 1 is code injection.  In this level we inject our licensing code into multiple places your product, and all the code is still legible.

In Level 2, we take that Level 1 file and then obfuscate all the code so it’s complete gibberish when someone opens the files.  This is more secure obviously, and nothing special is required  from the end user to use the plugin or theme. 

In Level 3, we take Level 2 and encrypt it withe Zend encryption.  This is the most secure you can get and is virtually impossible to crack.  It does require a module to be installed on the server where the end user is installing the plugin or theme, but most hosting companies do already have this module installed. 

You may choose to download all or one of the Levels of files to distribute to your customers.