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JV Partner Invitation for JVzoo

Thank you for checking out our JV invitation page for our newest SaaS product, wizShield.  Now, let’s get straight to the meat because your time is valuable. First, we highly recommend you sign up below to receive critical information about the launch…

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4 Great Reasons You Should Promote

Earn 60% (up to $179 PER SALE!) promoting a high-demand solution!

We will pay 60% commission to you paid annually. Price points for the service will be $35, $60, $125, & $299 depending on how many products customers want to protect.

Recurring commissions (promote and get paid over and over again!)

Bring sales and we'll keep paying you 60% recurring commissions annually for life!

Promote the industry's #1 SaaS licensing system at a crazy discount!

These days all product owners need serious protection! Promote wizShield and let our state-of-the-art security system protect their business!

Dedicated 5-Star Support (both for affiliates & customers!)

Excellent support has assured us of refunds of 2% or less - so you keep earning your recurring commissions.

What is wizShield™ And Why We Created It

wizShield is a fully-automated licensing system built to protect the many hours of blood sweat and tears product owners put into building WordPress Plugins or Themes from theft, misuse and unauthorized access.

We’ve spent 9 months building the future of automated product licensing and high protection… and today we’re ready to show you and your subscribers how seriously we take this security issue. We should let you know that we outright REFUSED to sell another plugin or theme until the wizShield licensing system was complete!

Although we may have been losing sales by not offering our newest theme to public, the revenue we would have lost — if someone had pirated and distributed the theme for free — would have been huge!

Think about this: Why would people pay for a product when they can download it for FREE?



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Email Swipe #1 (longer copy)

Subject: wizShield is LIVE – SaaS licensing & protection for WP products

This might be the most important launch of 2013! And that is no exaggeration.

WordPress vendors have been waiting FOREVER for a solution to protect their products from refunders, file sharers, and black-hatters from stealing and sharing their products. The launch of wizShield will now allow you to protect, secure, and license your themes and plugins:


So not only does wizShield allow you to totally secure and encrypt your files, but each customer gets a license key just for them only!

And with the integration with different payment platforms, it’s all automatic! New users get license keys automatically, and people who refund get their license revoked automatically too!

This is a solution that is not just amazingly effective at protection…it actually automates the process AND allows you to make MORE money as well.

LINK Here are a few more amazing features:

– 1-Click Code Encryption

– Limit Multi-Domain Usage

– Control all Keys and Licenses

– Automatic Key Distribution

– Suspicious Activity Reports

Also I don’t want to forget…this software actually helps you make MORE MONEY by allowing you to create multi-license deals, set up trials, and also automatically offers your customers more licenses on your behalf if they run out of them!

Amazing stuff! Check it out here:


Have a fantastic day!


Email Swipe #2 (shorter copy)

Subject: WP Vendors – Stop thieves from stealing your products

A brand-new system to protect WordPress plugins and themes has just went LIVE. It’s called wizShield and this is something the online world has been waiting for!


This is amazing SaaS software that secures, protects, and licenses plugins and themes to prevent the sharing and distribution of your products by thieves, file sharers and blackhatters.

It distributes keys automatically to new buyers, revokes keys automatically to refunders, and completely protects and encrypts your files as well!

Not only is the automation amazing, but it actually helps you make MORE MONEY by allowing you to easily create multi-license deals and sell more of the same product. Not to mention the software automatically upsells your customers for you when they run out of keys.

This will be the most important launch of 2013 by far! Check it out here:


Take care,


Cash prizes for top partners!

christmas-cash-presentOverall Launch Contest (Total Revenue)

1st place  $500

2nd place $250

3rd place $150

4th place $100

5th place $50

Additional Prizes

For every 10 sales you get at the $299/year package, we’ll send you another $350.

For every 10 sales of the $125/year package we’ll send you an extra $150!

For every 10 sales of the $60/year package we’ll send you an extra $50!

* Contest Rules.  For the Overall Launch contest, minimum $1200 in generated revenue for 1st place, $600 in generated revenue for 2nd place, and $300 in revenue generated for 3rd place is required.

We reserve the right to wait 60 days before paying out prizes.

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